Since Automation covers many different disciplines, we take on all sorts of projects for abttac.

An overview of the projects we currently have open for consideration can be seen on our projects page.

If you have any interesting ideas which you think we ought to consider, please fill out the project suggestion form.


abttac members are encouraged to keep the conversation going by signing up to the automation london Slack workspace.

Here you will find not only our own private abttac channel but the main channel with a sizable group of other Automation professionals who sometimes ask questions or simply want a chat.

The automation london Slack also posts job advert updates for around the world, which don't get posted to the automation london website.

A screen image of the Slack application

upcoming events

committee meetings

Regularly held committee meetings help us keep on top of the varied work we wish to carry out. Here you will find the minutes that we publish for those meetings.